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We are a young company striving to bring you the best and yet affordable eyewear protection that suits the needs of every sun loving individual.

For all the sun hunters out there, the most important thing is to have high quality protection that lets them enjoy to see the world for its true beauty.


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About Us

It may be surprising to learn that cloud cover does not significantly reduce UV exposure. UV risk can be high even on hazy or overcast days. This is because UV is invisible radiation, not visible light, and can and does penetrate clouds. Both UVA (long-wavelength) and UVB (short-wavelength) rays can pass through clouds and cause eye damage even on overcast days. So, sunglasses that block 100 percent UV are as important for eye protection on partly cloudy and overcast days as they are on days of full sun.

UV Facts:

31% of American adults don’t wear sunglasses when outside.
Source: 2016 UV Protection Report by The Vision Council

Because UV rays are invisible, they are not affected by the tint color or density of sunglass lenses. It’s the lens material or other additives to the lenses — not the tint — that determines the level of UV protection sunglasses provide.

About Us


Sunglasses styles evolve so quickly these days that it can be hard to keep up with the latest currents. But have no fear, SunHunters’ is here to help.

Are you looking for something special?just ask and we will hunt the world for you.


Your shades should say something about you. They should tell a story about who you are and the life you love to live. Our lives are unpredictable and exciting and we need shades that fit our lifestyle.

SunHunters’ was founded on passion and we pride ourselves on radical design and viruaty that pushes you to hunt for those sunshine moments. The Future is bright – BE PREPARED!

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